What is what? 🤔

... or what should I know before I claim the first ad

Hi, in order for your journey with CLAIMD to go as smooth as possible we have put together this small guide on best practices for using the app.

Before we begin here are few terms you might need to know to smoothly use the app:

  • CPM – Cost per thousand impressions is the amount the advertiser is willing to pay for 1000 views of their ad.
  • Estimated earnings – We currently estimate earnings assuming 20% of your total follower count have seen the ad. This number might go higher or lower depending on engagement, but in practice the more followers you have the lower the percentage gets.
  • Asset – Video or image that the advertiser has created for you to share on your social media profile.
  • Handle – Unique identifier of your profile on a social network, usually starts with @.
  • Platform – Lets keep it simple: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok are platforms.
  • Claiming the Ad – You have CLAIMD the ad when you have downloaded the ad asset, posted it on your profile (story or post) and provided us with the url to your post.
  • Reporting the Ad – 24 hours after the ad you should report number of impressions/views of the asset/ad you have posted along with a valid screenshot of the post including the number of impressions.
  • Campaign Feed – Landing page of our marketplace, a place where you can see all active campaigns tailored for your audience.
  • Campaign View – Campaign details where you can see guidelines set by the advertiser for different platforms, estimated earnings and your eligibility for claiming the ads.
  • Payout – Process of getting your well deserved money you have earned by posting CLAIMD ads. Submit your details in the profile section of the app, provide us with a valid email and bank account and in few days the money you have earned is yours to spend. We do however keep a 15% commission so we can keep development of our app in good pace :)

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