Troubleshooting 🧑🏼🔧

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  • Issue:
    I have claimed the ad and reported the impressions but in My Ads status is “In Process”
    We are checking your screenshoot for the creditability and it will be “Done” as soon as we finish the process.
  • Issue:
    How creditability is checked?
    We check if your Instagram account has bot followers
    We compare number of impressions to your follower count
    We take in the consideration engagement rate of similar accounts
    We check if the screenshot has been altered in any way
    We check if the screenshot used is from the account you have provided handle for
  • Issue:
    What happens if my screenshot fails credibility check?
    We reset your screenshot and you can submit new one if you have made mistake first time
    If screenshot is not credible for the second time you have permanent rejection of the ad
  • Issue:
    Can I appeal for the last rejection?
    At this moment all screenshots are checked both programmatically and manually based on programmatic assessment so margin of error is very low, but you can write us at if you think you got rejected wrongly and we will respond in reasonable time
  • Issue:
    Before you submit the report here are few guidelines how to do it for the instagram:
    Impressions count should be visible in the screenshot
    Story engage metrics should be visible in the screenshot, handle clicks are a must see
    Check if screenshot matches reported numbersImg should not be altered in any way with arrows, smiles, numbers
    Be sure that you report within 48 hours from claiming the ad, as after that you won’t be able to submit reports
  • Issue:
    I have clicked on the payout but I get “INTERNAL ERROR”
    Some of the data you have entered in your profile page for payout is not passing our system check make sure that following are right:
    > Street Address belongs to the city and the postal code of the country selected
    > IBAN number is entered in the right format without any whitespaces or characters 
    If all above is correct make sure you try again after few minutes 
    If nothing above works feel free to write us at with an issue description
  • Issue:
    Issue description should have at least following:
    Email address used for sign in
    Handles provided in app
    Date and time of the issue
    Detailed description of the issue
    Mobile phone model
    Mobile phone operating system
    Mobile phone OS version
    Screenshot or video recording oaf an issue
  • Issue:
    My amount is not same as in the dashboard section of the app
    Amount shown in app is VAT free if you are from Germany we payout with the VAT added
    Amount shown is without commissions (15%) for our app services connecting you and the brand
    Amount shown is without any commission you payment provider may charge (PayPal fees ie)
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