In situation Marketing

Be fair to your audience prepare them for the Advertisement placement!

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Our idea of IN SITUATION MARKETING is based on the creators that deliver advertisements directly to their audience using their regular posting routine, and without disturbing their regular flow. The idea is to post an advertisement when it actually seems and looks most organic. That way the creator  will use the power of the situation he/she is in to present the product or the service to the followers. 

If you wonder how to do it here is few examples on good IN SITUATION MARKETING practice:

When you find the campaign you would like to advertise, try preparing your audience for it by posting content before posting the ad. That way you would prepare your audience and lead the in the content ad is about.

In the example bellow Ad is about CBD Dog snacks, a video ad with a swipe option. Before posting this ad our CEO Christian has posted introduction story to this ad with his dog. You can check these two bellow:

First post and the introduction to the love of her life :)

This ad leads to the goal of the IN SITUATION MARKETING where you engage your audience into the story who or what is love of here life.

Like in any good story situation evolves in the second act where we discover what is actually love of her life and we place the ad.

If you are doing memes and funny posts you can maybe think the story and how this dog ended up as an accountant:

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