BMW, Coldplay and TikTok

Or how to utilize TikTok when you have budget

Some time ago BMW has dropped new commercial for its line of EVs, first ever iX and i4. Campaign named “The power of action” is featuring Coldplay’s newly released single “High power”. If you haven’t seen the commercial you can check it out here:

The situation is just perfect, electric car and electric lyrics are meant for each other.

“This joy is electric
This joy is electric and you're circuiting through”

This commercial and collaboration has been cooking probably before even Coldplay released the Single on May the 7th as the BMW video just got out month later. If you are a big brand such BMW is, then you definitely can afford Coldplay featuring in the big launch of your new electrical vehicle models. If you are on the other hand a local business we have an article on how to utilize local creators in your campaigns. You can check it out here:

Now on to the point why BMW and why Coldplay in this article. I have to be completely honest and say that a few days ago we were having a brainstorming session with the complete product team and the main topic was our new upcoming feature supporting TikTok based campaigns. Yes you’ve heard it here first we at CLAIMD.APP are preparing TikTok campaigns in your feed, just be patient they are in the fine polishing stage right now 😉

Anyways, one of the topics was video ads and licensing issues if users merge together branded creative and the licensing audio and talks about Coldplay and BMW collaboration popped out and along with it the  idea on how this campaign could get even further with TikTok creators and BMW joining forces. 

Coldplay has over 20 million views on TikTok related to catchy “High power” tune, they even have TikTok #highpower dance!


Official ##HigherPower dance video with Ambiguous Dance Company - watch now via link in bio. ##Seoul

♬ Higher Power - Coldplay

In summary “High power” has been used almost 180.000 times in TikTok on the day this article has been published and the stage is perfectly set for the last piece of puzzle with BMW pushing it’s TikTok content with the #highpower and #thepowerinaction hashtags, overlaying with Coldplay's song. For some reason, this last piece has not happened. 

One more thing BMW could do to utilize TikTok and it’s GenZ potential toward green and environment friendly thinking was to collaborate with as many creators as possible creating content related to the BMW, focusing on EV and featuring Coldplay's “High power” single. Every cent spend in it would return as everyone who has seen trending TikTok and their favorite creators would connect three major things in this equation: Creators, Coldplay's song and BMW iX and i4 in a perfect blend of trust generated by creators, catchy song by Coldplay and BMW cool new toys.

How you tackle the challenge of getting as many ppl onboard in a campaign as possible?

Answer is right there use CLAIMD to distribute creatives whether is it video or image to as many creators as possible!

How do you distribute campaigns to as many people as possible? Well we have solution for that, campaign with the corresponding asset can be distributed using CLAIMD.APP from where creators would receive notification that new campaign is there for them and in a few clicks and lot of creativity BMW’s message could be delivered over TikTok in subtitle organic way creating that bound between your favorite TikToker creator, Music and BMW.

If you want to learn more about how you can utilize social media in your campaigns, distribute assets/creatives to the creators, write to us and we will help you set up your first campaign.

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