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CLAIMD is turning your social media impressions into real cash 🤑

Our app lets you discover the latest ads from brands that you dig and that fit your own followers 👟 🚴 📸 ⚽ 🤳💃

Post those ads in your stream and earn money right away 👏 🏁




You're the boss. Make money from your reach like 1, 2, 3: Choose a campaign that reflects your beliefs and suits your audience and post it to your stream. All by yourself. 🦍#justclaim



We're doing our best to bring the most powerful and respected brands to CLAIMD. All you gotta do is choose the ones you trust.



We are completely transparent throughout the work-flow and in all reportings. Our fee is 15% from earnings, the rest is your's. Yeah, that's 85%, correct. 🤩



Let's find the coolest ads for your crowd

Scroll through all the latest ads from global and local brands, businesses and IPs. Choose the ones you like or that even perfectly highlight your content. You're out in the 🌲🌲🌲? Post some ⛺ ads. At the 🏖️? Make your followers want some🍦or go 🏄 – you get the drill. All you have to do is claim the ad, download the media and post it to your social media stream. Now get back in the water.


No surprises, all fair game.

Whether you're thousands of followers deep or just started this thing: CLAIMD will help you earn money from what you are doing anyway – creating content on social media on the daily. You're provided with estimate earnings for every ad you're about to claim, thus giving you complete insight in what you're able to earn with it. Every single creator is entitled to get their fair share of the huge 🎂 that is online advertising, go claim your's 👀


Upload report and get paid 💵 💶

It's really that simple. Report the impression numbers to us within 24 hours after your post and we will automatically send your earnings 💸 to your account. Just one more click now to transfer it to your bank account ☑️ 🥂



I’ve been on Insta for a long time and to be honest I’ve never seen anything in this style. The payment comes on time. Direct support is here. The app is very clear and everything has worked flawlessly so far. The size of a creator doesn’t matter at all, because the app pays the creators with “by-the-minute CPM”...More of that is welcome


I became aware of this app through an Instagram story by YouTuber Oskar. The first impression and the intention behind the app were so appealing that I immediately considered installing it and trying it out! It has literally changed my life and is a great alternative to making money alongside my main source of income.


Hello, I’ve been using this app for a few weeks. I am very satisfied and there are a lot of new ads. My income has increased a lot and is always paid out on Thursdays/Fridays

D H Marketing
D H Marketing

I am a creator and I post content on different platforms. With CLAIMD, I was able to make money through ads with less than 100 followers. This really is the coolest and most ingenious invention and app in the world. Thank you thank you thank you!



How to start?

All you need is one or more social media accounts on the networks you prefer, plus some followers to start. One is enough already, but we know you got this. Create a CLAIMD account from the Log-In page right here and start claiming ads.

How to report Instagram impressions?

There's a simple work-flow in the CLAIMD app for doing that. Upload a screenshot and you're good. (Also we got some smart ways to verify, so no crooks in here please👮

How to request payout?

Find the Payout tab in the CLAIMD app and process to cash out your earnings. It would be kinda fair-play to provide us with your bank details first though 🤡

How do I get paid?

Our payout process is simple. After you have entered your full address in the app, you can create a payout request. We regularly check the accuracy of your address, channel and reports. Your payout requests are collected, and when our minimum quantities are reached, you will be credited and invoiced. Only when these have reached you, you are entitled to a payout. As a rule, credit notes and invoices are issued on Mondays and payments are made on the following Thursday/Friday. So if we receive a withdrawal request on a Tuesday, it can take up to 14 days until your money is in your account. If your withdrawal request takes longer than usual, your account may be under audit.

What happens when my account is under audit?

We randomly audit reporting, accounts, follower statistics, addresses and account details on an ongoing basis. This protects advertising brands from bots, purchased followers and other fraudulent activities. Of course, we don't reveal exactly how and what we check, but in principle we detect any anomaly. Automated processes that operate with artificial intelligence check every account at least once a month.

When do new advertisements appear?

If you are not shown any advertisements to be claimed, this can have various reasons. For example, there are currently no ads available that match your content format, your target group does not match the target groups of the current advertisers or you have too few (or too many!) followers. We work every day to bring our idea to the world and convince more and more people of our vision. We won't give up until you too are offered suitable advertising.

Why is the CPM so low?

The determination of the CPM is not in our hands, but in the hands of the respective advertiser. We make our recommendations, that's all we can and want to do in this process. However, you should be aware that your channel and your performance are in direct competition with ad placements on the platform on which you publish. So if a certain amount is paid for an ad placement on Instagram, you won't get double that on CLAIMD. Unless your performance exceeds the client's objectives and their achievement on the platform itself many times over. We know you can do that. We have clearly presented how you can best place your advertisements here. (link how to advertise with CLAIMD).



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How to create your first campaign

How to create your first campaign

Troubleshooting 🧑🏼🔧

Troubleshooting 🧑🏼🔧

When you are stuck this is where you start 🤨

How to report Instagram impressions.

How to report Instagram impressions.

Tips to make reporting easy peasy