Promote your music on TikTok with CLAIMD

Get instant reach for your tracks via creators that love your songs!
Easily create a campaign that lets TikTok users promote your latest songs by using them in their TikToks. Just push a song to our ad stream and let creators do their magic.


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Use CLAIMD to promote your local business, event, opening, concert, retail, or whatever business you are running that needs local engagement.

CLAIMD is offering the chance to have creators promote your endeavor on their social media accounts without any interaction between the both of you needed.

Got influencers asking about collaboration and discounts in your shop? Point them to CLAIMD for fair and transparent deals and stop worrying.

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Give me the essence, how do I create a campaign and what does it cost?

Create your ads and clips and take them to CLAIMD. Define which creators the ad is pitched to and what budget you can allocate – there is no minimum reserve. The CLAIMD fee is 20% of invest while 80% are paid-out directly to creators. Next up, creators choose your ad from the CLAIMD ad-stream and post your content to their social media streams. From their (fake-proof) reports CLAIMD is calculating reach and pay-outs in order to provide you with a transparent and conclusive evaluation for you to measure and report success.

How to set up an account?

Create a new account for advertisers from the Log-In page right here.

Wait, so there is no one in between me and the creators?

That's right. CLAIMD is a platform to firstly empower creators by giving each single one the power to choose to monetarize their content themselves and secondly to allow advertisers direct access to creator's curated streams without any filter but the creators themselves.

How to book a TikTok music campaign with CLAIMD

Of course, you need a song first. 🎶
Next, name your campaign. ❞
Upload an artist logo as a jpeg. This step is optional. 😊
Define what content you want creators to add to your song, for example: Please play the song over the next beautiful sunset you see. 🌅
Define hashtags you want the creators to use for the TikTok. (FYP, VIRAL, and MUSIC are important, but don’t you have more? 😎
Let creators know at what time of the day you want them to post. 🌞
Define your preferred volume at which the song should play. 🔊
Get a direct link to your song or sound from TikTok. You’ll need the rights for the song to do that. 🔗
Upload a video from the artist calling creators to promote the song- this will also be the cover of the campaign in the app. 📼
Target your preferred audience, you might as well select “all”. 🎯
Define the size of accounts you want the campaign to be available to. Small, Medium, or Big accounts. 🎯
Lastly set the budget. Please make sure to double-check the threshold. We suggest to the max. enter 250€. 💰
Have a credit card ready and proceed to book your campaign. 💳



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How to create your first campaign

How to create your first campaign

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Troubleshooting 🧑🏼🔧

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