How do I get paid? 

Our payout process is simple. After you have entered your full address in the app, you can create a payout request. We regularly check the accuracy of your address, channel and reports. Your payout requests are collected, and when our minimum quantities are reached, you will be credited and invoiced. Only when these have reached you, you are entitled to a payout. As a rule, credit notes and invoices are issued on Mondays and payments are made on the following Thursday/Friday. So if we receive a withdrawal request on a Tuesday, it can take up to 14 days until your money is in your account. If your withdrawal request takes longer than usual, your account may be under audit.

What happens when my account is under audit?

We randomly audit reporting, accounts, follower statistics, addresses and account details on an ongoing basis. This protects advertising brands from bots, purchased followers and other fraudulent activities. Of course, we don't reveal exactly how and what we check, but in principle we detect any anomaly. Automated processes that operate with artificial intelligence check every account at least once a month. 

When do new advertisements appear?

If you are not shown any advertisements to be claimed, this can have various reasons. For example, there are currently no ads available that match your content format, your target group does not match the target groups of the current advertisers or you have too few (or too many!) followers. We work every day to bring our idea to the world and convince more and more people of our vision. We won't give up until you too are offered suitable advertising. 

Why is the CPM so low? 

The determination of the CPM is not in our hands, but in the hands of the respective advertiser. We make our recommendations, that's all we can and want to do in this process. However, you should be aware that your channel and your performance are in direct competition with ad placements on the platform on which you publish. So if a certain amount is paid for an ad placement on Instagram, you won't get double that on CLAIMD. Unless your performance exceeds the client's objectives and their achievement on the platform itself many times over. We know you can do that. We have clearly presented how you can best place your advertisements here. (link how to advertise with CLAIMD).