Sep 2022

The value of the creators

The value of the creators

For small and medium enterprises that sell to a local market and are customer oriented, there is always a struggle how to approach customer centric marketing. Yes, you can always use Google and Facebook to target your local audience and drive brand awareness and conversions, but one of the most effective ways to drive marketing on a more personal level is creator-marketing. Not your standard influencer-marketing where you aim for the big numbered influencers, but a more personal approach, where lots and lots of micro- and nano-creators with their localised niche user base let your business thrive much better than millions of followers of one influencer. If you consider adding local creators to your marketing plans here are few things to look at while making decisions:

Better engagement

Better engagement comes with a smaller follower base. Creators know their audience better and the audience vice versa has a feeling of being in the creator's inner circle when the community is smaller. This creates a unique bond between followers and creators, giving marketers the ideal opportunity to send the message in a more personal way.

Skin in the game

Above mentioned engagement and personal connection with the follower base gives nano- and micro-creators arguably the highest price of the skin in the game as their word is taken more personally. Not just mere advertisement but rather a recommendation.

Brand ambassadors

If you look at Oxford Languages definition a brand ambassador is: “a person, especially a celebrity, who is paid to endorse or promote a particular company's products or services”. We tend to define celebrities as people who are known to a large group of people, easily recognisable all over the place. But – there are always local celebrities, local heroes and regional celebrities. Engaging local brand ambassadors and nano-creators is a way more natural and organic way than big celebrity advertisements.

The more the merrier

If a macro-influencer promotes a service or a product, your potential customers will see it once in their feed, if at all. If for the same amount of money you can have 15 micro-creators promoting your product, benefits are multiple. First there is a good chance that your promotion will be seen more than once in customers' feed, giving the promotion more stable ground and multiplying trust and recommendation effects. Secondly your ad will be seen by more potential customers due to a better reach of  accounts with smaller followers base, your targeting will be better and aimed towards the same type of audience.I