Sep 2022

How to report Instagram impressions.

How to report Instagram impressions.

We all know that an Instagram story expires 24 hours after the posting, unless of course you don’t have a creator or business account.
If your story has expired and you have not reported your impressions in CLAIMD you can do it 24 hours after the story has expired. According to the Instagram help article here it is how it’s done:

  • Tap profile picture in the bottom right corner of your phone to go to your profile
  • Tap Menu in the top right cornerTap archiveScroll to the story you want to see viewer info on.
  • Tap the story and swipe up on the screen.

From here you simply do a screenshot that you would upload in the CLAIMD app. If you are uploading your report for the first time here are the steps needed to do it properly:

  • Login into the CLAIMD app
  • In the bottom menu click My Ads tab
  • Click on the Add report in the green button next to the campaign you want to submit report for
  • Insert number of views you had and number of clicks on the handle (advertiser tag) if there was any
  • Upload screenshot, after the successful upload you will see thumbnail of the screenshot
  • Confirm upload and the report by clicking green Done button
  • Success screen will appear as your report is in verification 🎊
  • Click green Take me to the feed button and claim a new ad 😊  

We recommend you switch your account to creator type as it will give you more insight options.

Make sure that you have uploaded the right screenshot that has information about both handle click (sticker taps) and impressions in it. Here is the example how it should look like: