Sep 2022

How to create your first campaign

How to create your first campaign

How to create your first campaign πŸ•΅πŸ½

In this article, we will guide you through your first campaign setup

Step 1: Basic campaign information

In the first screen of the campaign creation flow, you will be providing basic information about the campaign such as:

  1. Name of the Business – this field will be visible to the creators and if you manage multiple brands we suggest that you set brand info before the company info in this field. If you are promoting your service as a company you can insert your company name here.
  2. Campaign Name – this information is visible to the users and presents your CTA to creators, something that will get their attention and get you more impressions when done great. This information is also used in the portal to follow campaign success.
  3. Category – You will be able to select what influencer category from the dropdown you want to represent your brand. Categories such are food and drink, travel, pets and many more are available for you to fine-tune your campaign.
  4. Ad formats – You can select the social networks you want to show your advertisement on. As we grow the number of platforms will get bigger.
  5. Assets – Photo or video you want to be shown by the creators.
Step 2: Ad details

In this step we will set up ad details such as texts, handles, and call to action. We will also select assets to be shown in the ad.

  1. Brand mention – if creators are required to mention your brand in their post "Yes" should be checked. Please provide a correct brand handle for the selected platform so that users can copy it.
  2. Predefined message – If you want to communicate a specific message to the audience of the creators, you should check "Yes" and provide according to text for the message.
  3. A personal message – If you would like to allow additional text to be added by the creator in the campaign you should leave "Yes" selected, it is set as the default value.
  4. Call to action – If needed you can provide a call to action URL for swipe-up in Instagram stories. Please be aware that this functionality is not available for creators with a small follower count.
  5. Other instructions – Anything that you would like to communicate to the creators and is part of the campaign should be added in this field. An example is a specific time frame for your ads to be delivered.
  6. If you have uploaded more than one asset you will be able to select which one you want to show for each of the selected platforms.
Step 3: Select your audience

In this step, you will be able to select targeting criteria for the campaign.

  1. Age range and gender – If you want to submit your campaign to creators of a certain age and gender you can define these parameters in this step.
  2. Country – You can define campaigns to only target audiences in countries you operate in.
  3. Follower count – Show campaign only to creators with a defined number of followers.
  4. Reclaiming the ad – Check the reclaim option if you want to allow creators to claim and show your ad multiple times.
Step 4: Determine the campaign budget and duration

Set budget for each of the platforms defined in the campaign setup.

  1. Start and end date of the campaign.
  2. Budget per platform – Each platform in the campaign has its own determined budget and CPM that is summed up in total budget.
  3. Estimated impressions – Based on the CPM and Platform budget we will give you an estimated number of impressions.